Participating Authors

The Sixth Annual Sacramento Black Book Fair will feature more than seventy authors of African descent, showcasing and highlighting a diverse spectrum of authors and literature, from contemporary and historical fiction, to anthologies, poetry, academic books; children’s stories and books, non-fiction to biographies, self- help, and inspirational, religious, and financial works.

Kathy Marshall

Kathy Marshall

Kathy Marshall’s lifelong infatuation with African culture was challenged when a DNA test revealed her diverse ancestry. Finding Otho: The Search for Our Enslaved Williams Ancestors is part-research/story/guidebook, that contains a "Solve Your Mystery" chapter. It is extensive research into life in Maryland, sleuthing techniques, and a DNA analysis section to help others find their ancestors. The Ancestors Are Smiling! contains real life stories from the descendants of Otho Williams.. Double Take and Sleeping with the Enemy, are soon to come.

Genoa M. Barrow

Genoa Barrow

Genoa M. Barrow is an award-winning journalist with The Sacramento Observer. Her work has also been featured by California Black Media, Parents Monthly, Mother Wit, and DrumVoices Revue. She is the editor of the new anthology: Daddy Issues: Black Women Speaking Truth and Healing Wounds. .

LaQuisha Beckum, Ed.S.

LaQuisha Beckum

LaQuisha is a new creative author, with over 20 years in K-12 education. She is the mother of two sons. She has an online business, A World of Tomorrow, and she teaches at American River College as an adjunct in Psychology. She is the author of: Dreaming on High, Isis Learns That Being Different is Okay, Everyday Occurrences in Social Psychology a textbook by BVT publishing. LaQuisha also has in the works: An Unlikely Friendship and Paul Doesn’t Like School .

Frederick K. Foote, Jr.

Fred Foote

Since 2014, Frederick has published over two hundred and fifty stories and poems. His works include: literature, science fiction, fables,and horror genres Frederick has also published two short story collections: For the Sake of Soul (2015) and Crossroads Encounters (2016).

Kimberly A. Gordon Biddle


Dr. Biddle is a professor, of 27 years, in the field of Child and Adolescent Development. She currently teaches Child Development at CSUS. She recently won an Alumni Excellence in Education Award from Stanford University and an Alumni Career Achievement Award from the University of Redlands. She has co-authored two textbooks and authored a children’s picture book. Her second picture book is due out in 2020. Her textbooks include: Early Childhood Education: Becoming a Professional (2013), and Careers in Child and Adolescent Development: A Student’s Guide to Working in the Field (2018) Her Children’s Book, LaDonna Plays Hoops was released in 2017. Coming soon is: LaDonna’s Easter in Paris.

Cynthia R. Hobson

Cynthia Hobson

Cynthia Hobson is a local, published writer of novels and short stories. She is also an artist who has presented artwork at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Elk Grove Fine Arts Gallery, SMUD Gallery and various other venues. Her novels include: A Place in Time and Little Gray Hoodie Coat. Her Short Stories include: The White Dress, Love is Kin to Sadness and 50 Years is Not Enough.

Kyna Kemp

Kyna Kemp

Kyna Kemp became an author in October of 2016, when she started sharing her story in the book of compilations Stand Up Be Heard, PartII. Her book, Birthing Kings , was released in August 2017. She is currently working on her next book, The First Ladies Chronicles, which will be released at the end of 2019.

Rick James McPhearson

Rick McPhearson

Rick McPhearson has worked extensively in community based organizations with diverse groups of youth, whose ages range from adolescence to adulthood. He is dedicated to assisting in the process of educating humanity, to promote understanding and awareness that affect the future of communities in general. He realized his passion for writing through becoming a successful grant writer. Rick then decided to take his writing skills to the next level, and in doing so, he has put together a social masterpiece titled: The Future of Fathers. Rick has two other works to be published in 2019. They are: The Future of Families, and The System: 5 Phases to Living a Meaningful Everyday Life.

Bridget A. Rawlings

Bridget A. Rawling

Bridget Rawlings is unashamed to use her spiritual journey as a coaching tool. Se shares the most intimate and impactful moments of her life, in her autobiography entitled, A Closer Look.Through her undying love for Christ and God’s people, Ms. Rawlings aims to raise the bar by using her spiritual gifts to do God’s work, and strengthen the lives of men and women of all walks of life.

LaLa Robinson

LaLa Robinson is a wife, adventurer, a jack of several trades, creator and new author. She established LaLa Created, her home office and creative studio, with a mission to use her voice and creativity to aid the healing, wellness and overall well-being of her community. Her current work is: A Thoughtful Collection on the Misidentification of a Twenty-Something Black Girl and Her Magic.

Ahjamu Umi

Ahjamu Umi

Ahjumu Umi is an organizer for the All African People Revolutionary Party. He holds a Masters Degree in Government. He has published four books: The Paradox Principles. Literary fiction. Mass Incarceration. Non fiction. The Courage Equation. Literary Fiction. And Find The Flower that Blossoms Which is also Literary Fiction.